Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Christmas Cocktail Mix Up Party

Gingerbread Eggnog
1 1/2 oz. caramel Irish cream
1 1/2 oz. Vodka or brandy
Ground ginger

Shake caramel Irish cream and Vodka in a cocktail shaker half full with crushed ice. Strain into small glass mug. Fill remainder of mug with eggnog and stir. Garnish with ginger.

Champagne Red Rooster
2 bottles of chilled champagne
4 containers of frozen cranberry juice concentrate (undiluted)
1 cup orange juice
Fresh oranges or candy oranges

Mix the punch just before serving to retain the champagne bubbles. Place cranberry juice into punch bowl. Pour champagne over the frozen juice. Wisk in the orange juice. Serve chilled and garnished with a sugared slice of orange on each punch cup. This can be served with breakfast to start if the party goes on past midnight. This can also be made with non-alcoholic champagne.

Hot Apple Toddy
2 oz. whisky or brandy
1 tsp honey
Hot apple cider

Pour whisky and honey into tall glass mugs and stir. Pour in hot apple cider into each mug. Serve garnished with a cinnamon stick or whole cloves.

Peppermint Martini Recipe
5 ounces of vodka
2 ounces of white Creme de Menthe (green)
1/2 ounce of Peppermint Schnapps
Candy cane sticks and crushed candy cane pieces

Pour all vodka, Crème de Menthe and peppermint schnapps into a shaker half full of crushed ice. Shake vigorously then let the shaker rest for a few seconds. Strain into chilled or frosted martini glasses. Add a candy cane stick and crushed peppermint in each glass to garnish.

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